Catnip & Silvervine Filled Cat Bed Checkers orange


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My cats are obsessed with this bed! I’ll wake up in the morning and see they’ve played with it all night long because it’s often in a different spot haha! There’s always someone lounging in it when it’s not being used for play

cats love this bed

bought one bed for a two cat household which was a mistake. cats LOVE this bed. my own cat has been using her bed for months. every other bed i’ve bought she’s used for a day or two then moved on to something else- not this bed! she sleeps on it every night.

Bethany C

I have two cats that have never been much for beds. I’ve bought them beds and perches before and they might use them once or twice but then quickly abandon them. I’ve had this cat bed now for a few weeks and both cats still use it EVERY DAY. As I write this one is all snuggled up in it. I will be buying another one so that there is one for each cat. Not only do they love the bed but it’s so cute and well made. You can tell it was made with love and made to last! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my cats, and they’d agree!