In 2020, my parents accepted my family, my cats, and my foster kittens into their home during the pandemic. They've been supporting my work with their beautiful cat beds and working tirelessly to help us save cats. All the products are made in their home. To date, their work has helped us take in over 700 cats.

Made in NJ and Loved by Cats All Over the World -

I Seriously Can't Say Enough

I seriously can't say enough about these things! My cats aren't big on toys, and don't care about catnip really. I bought the toys because I saw Christina and her story on TikTok and wanted to support her. To my delight my cats LOVE these things! So much so that I ordered more because 3 toys for 2 cats apparently isn't enough to keep them from fighting over them! I also ordered a bed and plan on using it to get them to like their carrier. High quality super cute, and got my fat cat playing!

- Anna S

Instant Winner

I immediately loved the look of my cat beds (I ordered two) but the cats could not wait to try them out. Including the catnip and silver vine in the bed is so brilliant. Even after the first few trial runs now my cats adore the beds. I can also tell that they’re really well made and we won’t have to worry about them getting torn up right away. This was well, well worth the price and I’ll definitely buy more.

- James V

The Ha's

Meet the Family

My parents are the proud grandparents to 2 grandsons and *ahem* 9 grandcats. Three of their four kids are cat parents. Here they are with their oldest grandcat, Mr. Socks.

My mom is responsible for all of detailed work you see on the outside of the products like the donuts and the cute faces on all of the seahorses. She also is the only person who knows how to close all of the cat beds, kickers, and toys.

My dad helped design most of the products and is responsible for cutting and ironing all of them! Every single item was cut by my dad.