Madison Square Eats

Come and visit our booth down at Madison Square Eats through October 21st. We're here every day from 11 AM through 9 PM. We're close to the corner of 25th street and 5th Ave.

Having a storefront isn't part of our short term plans for Macaron Parlour, but our 4 week participating at Madison Square Eats is a glimpse of what that life will be like for us. In the past week and a half, we have slept around 4-5 hours a night, hired staff, worked until our feet felt like falling off and quitting, and gotten into really long fights about whether we sold 24 or 25 of a particular flavor. This is our temporary storefront and we realize that we have a long way to go before we're ready to open our own. That is something for after...

After what?

After our wedding, duh! Simon and I are getting married next April! We're going to be business partners, roommates, and married. So, we won't have a giant macaron cake, but we will have Macaron Parlour wedding favors! I spend 25 hours a day with this guy and I'm not sick of him yet! We'll see what I have to say about this in 15 years.

That is all! We can't wait to see your smiling face so come and visit us soon. We have more than just macarons here - we have apple pie bites, and cookies. I'm about to head to the kitchen to start prepping for our fall flavors - pumpkin pie and caramel apple. We should have them in the next few days, unless they sell out, of course.

See you soon!

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