Looking for Interns!

I have a nasty sweet tooth. The other day, I found myself nibbling on bits of brown sugar when Simon wasn’t looking. Who does that?

Well, I do. One time, I built an entire castle out of sugar cubes and I’m pretty sure that for every sugar cube that went onto my castle, another one went in my mouth. Surprisingly, I apparently also have very strong teeth. After not visiting the dentist for over four years, I finally went two weeks ago. Guess what? Even the dentist was surprised at how little damage that working with sweets has done.

Macarons are by nature, very sweet. Two of the four ingredients are sugar! Obviously, they appeal to my sweet tooth, but I also love other practically sugar stuff like streusel. Macaron Parlour has tried on numerous occasions to branch out past just macarons. We tried cookies, brownies, cobblers, and banana bread. Banana bread fared the best (who doesn’t love some banana bread?), but really – we’re known for our macarons. While it’s great, I also began to really miss making flour products.

So I recently took a job where I’ll be able to try out new recipes and give them a home. I have a personal fight with myself every day to make sure I don't throw streusel on top of everything (definitely tried a streusel topped macaron before). I also have to force myself to stop adding more sugar into every recipe. So far, I have been able to resist the sugar urge - somewhat.

Anyway, the great news is that next to my streusel topped everything, you'll soon be able to find Macaron Parlour macarons. We'll be able to give a more permanent Brooklyn home to Macaron Parlour. I can’t wait for MP to blow up in BK! Once Macaron Parlour becomes more integrated, we’ll share the details with our happy (and soon, new) fans.

But this means we’re looking for some good help. We're rapidly expanding and we want to add more people to our team (of just Simon and me). We could use some interns in the kitchen for Macaron Parlour – we’ll teach you about running a small business and making macarons. If you have a lot of free time, we can also offer the opportunity to learn more about café production and restaurant desserts. Contact us through the contact page on our site to get in touch!

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