I met Simon through our roommates. I really went on that first date because his Facebook status asked which cookies he should make that week and I was preparing to go to pastry school so I saw it as a sign. Then I went on the second because he said his dream was to open a baked goods truck.

However, Simon has yet to bake me a SINGLE THING.

When we opened Macaron Parlour two months ago, we were nervous! We jumped into it with limited funding and a dream. We saw that the Hester Street Fair was opening up in his neighborhood and we thought, "That's our opportunity to make our dreams come true." From the day we got confirmed, we had less than a month to put together all of our paperwork, rent a kitchen, come up with a name/logo, create recipes, and find a source for our ingredients.

Macaron Parlour would not exist without Simon. He has a zillion friends, who've been great resources. He is extremely patient and possibly the world's friendliest guy. He's at the stand every weekend, chatting it up with our fellow vendors at the Hester Street Fair, sharing our story to our clients, and making googly eyes at babies in oversized diapers.

He's also one of the last people you would expect to see selling French macarons. When I think macarons, I don't picture a guy in a t-shirt, shorts, and custom sneakers, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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