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We got a mention in the Huffington Post a few weeks ago in an article about the Hester Street Fair.

While getting filmed, Suchin Pak introduced us by saying, "Christina had the best email ever. She had a four page dissertation on why she should be at the Hester Street Fair."

I want to share with you the email that got us started. Basically, we had heard that the Fair was opening up and I asked Simon if he was interested. We were still a relatively new couple (only official for a month!), but something about it just felt so good. I'm glad we did this b/c it really helped us mature as a couple. We've known each other for less than a year, but Macaron Parlour is our baby and we love watching it grow.

Simon sent two inquiries through the website with very bare information on us (and no response) so I finally decided to take matters into my own hands...

Hi there,
I believe my partner in crime, Simon, may have already sent information about a potential vendor named Moostachio for the upcoming Hester Street Fair. While our LLC goes by the fine name, Moostachio, it's not going to be our official name. We may be funky and crazy, but we're not going to be standing around wearing giant felt mustaches for some sort of 8 hour gimmick.
Anyway, I'm writing again to request a space with more information about who we are. Simon and I fantasize about our future in the wonderful world of pastry. In this fantasy, I would be squashed somewhere in a tiny kitchen doing all the producing and occasionally surfacing for air while I gush to patrons about the love that gets mixed into each cookie. Simon would be out front, having such long engaging conversations with passerbys that they will be forced to buy pastries out of guilt. And then they'll come back for more b/c they're so damn good.
I'm a pastry student at the Institute of Culinary Education with a fond love for all sorts of cute tiny desserts you can pop in your mouth while walking. For the past two years, my sister and I have held spots at the Brooklyn Flea under the guise of "Lemonade Stand" or "Alex's Lemonade Stand" in order to try to fundraise for pediatric cancer (we donated our profits to Alex's Lemonade Stand. Check this out: http://lemonieskitchen.blogspot.com/2009/05/alexs-lemonade-stand-at-brooklyn-flea.html). I also had an Etsy site where I sold macarons to fundraise online (went down after Christmas, but feel free to look up b/c I plan to revive within the next few weeks: lemonadestandnyc) I'd love to shift over our game to the LES and support this great Manhattan neighborhood. Also, donating part of the profits to a worthy cause is something I would enjoy continuing at Hester Street.
Simon perfected his front of house manners around the corner of Essex/Hester at the brand new Baohaus. His bright spirit keeps everyone laughing, and yet he somehow always manages to add on to people's purchases. You think you're going in for one thing, and he'll somehow trick you into also getting a drink and some fries. He's not bad in the kitchen, either. The other day, I Iron Cheffed him into making dinner using only the secret ingredients of...whatever was available in the sparse kitchen. The Chairman would approve of what he came up with (and it was heart healthy, too). Between the two of us, we'd like to strike out and have our own little thing.
There will be lemonade, of course, for fundraising purposes. All profits from that will go straight into helping sick children. There will also be macarons, both the uber pretentious like passion fruit milk chocolate, and the downright silly like s'mores. For the s'more macaron, unlike any place in New York, I make them with brown sugar instead of white and add in honey so they're even more like the camping treat we all adore (attached is a picture of brown sugar macarons with honey buttercream. Also delish). We're trying to work on some savory versions (tomato and basil? candied bacon?) over the next few weeks. I have a fond love for other French pastries including madeleines and florentines, which will find its way into our stand. I also make a killer set of the usual fare - brownies, blondies, cupcakes and cookies. Check out the pictures I attached of some of the items we hope to offer.
We've been fantasizing about what to offer for the longest time, but now we just need a place to execute. We'd like to get at least an 8x8 spot for the opening weekend (both days, if possible. Or just Sunday if not) and we hope to become regular stand holders, rolling out sorbets in the summer, and spiced treats when the leaves turn colors. Plus, if we get the go-ahead, we'll finally get the push to stop eating cookies all the time and to start actually finalizing our future venture. We promise that we'll give you an official name by the Monday after Easter.
Thanks for your time and I hope to hear good news soon.
Christina Ha
Simon Tung
aka the Moostachio people

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