Married Life!

Remember that time when Macaron Parlour was started by two people who practically barely knew each other?  Yeah, well, those two people got married.  Then a week later, kicked off our season at the Hester Street Fair, and a week after that, started the month long market at Madison Square Eats.  Now it's almost 7 weeks later and after all the chaos of the past few months, I got hit with a serious stomach virus and now I finally get to relax (minus the pain and not eating part) in bed.

Tomorrow will be our last scheduled day at the Hester Street Fair and then we're going to go on a hiatus to focus our energies on our store (and maybe go on a honeymoon?  If you see Simon , please tell him that we should do one last getaway before more chaos).  We'll hopefully be open sometime in late July and can visit us like, all the time!

Thank you everyone for making the past two years wonderful and being part of our story.  We're super happy to have so many new friends and fans in our lives and we couldn't have gotten here without your love and support.

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